Welcome to Travira Air, a world-class charter air service operator headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our goal is simply to offer the highest standards of professionalism and service. Reflecting these principles, we have built up a blue chip portofolio of clients, the majority of which comprises multinational oil and gas, mining, and medical corporations. We also charter to a selected group of exclusive luxury travel partners. For these demanding customers, Travira Air is the air charter of choice, for the simple reason that our standaards meet or exceed the exacting standards of these world class companies.

our journey

The arc of Travira Air’s progress over the past two decades is a remarkable one. From our humble beginnings to our success today, it is a journey filled with many milestones. Our first major project, a collaboration with the Indonesian Air Force to convert and modernize 12 Sikorsky UH-34D helicopters, took place in 1978. In 1983 we spread our wings for the first time and took flight as a chartered air company, operating four new S-76 helicopters for two multinational oil clients, IAPCO and ARCO, in the Java seas. Today, we are the foremost charter air operator in Indonesia, flying domestic and as well as regional routes

our client

Travira Air caters to a wide range of customers. The majority of our client relationships compwise medium and long-term contracts with multinational oil and gas, mining and medical corporations. We also cater to a few carefully selected luxury travel partners. Travira Air has become the air charter of choice for these demanding customers, for the simple reason that our services meet or exceed the exacting standards of these world-class companies.


Travira Air has received numerous commendations from clients and other accrediting international bodies.  Travira Air has received numerous commendations, both from clients and international accreditation bodies, including: